Liberum PC | Creating the company we love.
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We are Creating the Company we & you Love

At Liberum we develope projects with you, for you.


Responsive web design E shop

Is your website compatible with iOS and Android devices and display correctly on all screen sizes? Does your e-shop works for you as you expected to? We can develop a website and a reliable e-shop that looks great to every customer you engage with wherever they go.

Web Hosting - Domain Registration

Mind your business! Register you Domain name! Choose the Best Web Hosting! Those two Crucial! They have to be reliable, they have to be exactly what you need. They have to be the best. Liberum offers the best! Liberum can help you have the best. Try it!

Online Marketing Social Media - SEO

Another beautiful web-site, another e-shop is not enough! You can’t just expect people to flood in. bIf you want to succeed you have to create traffic. E-commerce and social media is the key! Make your business stand out and get the result your work deserves!

Business Solutions - Custom Office Solutions

That is the question many business leaders ask themselves. We have a solution for everyone! We welcome you to the unique world of Pylon. A new pioneering platform, that will set the standards for the future commercial software products.

About our Company

Liberum is a newly established startup company. Our team consists of people who have years of experience in marketing, programming, and graphic design.Having as a motto the phrase
“ Creating the company we Love ”…
web design
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Web hosting
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Domain registration
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Online marketing
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Social media
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ERP solutions
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Custom office solutions
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They said about us

Project Process

This is the way we work.


We want to know you

This consultation gives us the opportunity to get to know you. and what direction you want to take. We'll provide you with a project specification and brainstorm some ideas with you


Let's see

Now we design a wireframe so you can have a taste of the final product. We'll spend time in this stage until the product looks like how you want to. Then we can move forward.


It's developers time

We turn to nerd up a notch and our developers get started with the coding. You can depend on our experience. The job will be done. And it will be done perfectly.


Time to get your product

Time to get a look and get your product. Once we officially launch the project, we won't disappear and leave you with a great product but no way to work with it. We work carefully with you and help you get familiar with it.


Be happy with it

Now that you have your awesome product, we want to make it sure it stays awesome. Our team is always available for any questions or help you may need. Is was our pleasure working with you!

Our work

Touch screen

The Liberum Team

Pleasure in the Job puts Perfection in the Work.

Thomas Valavanis

Started in Thessaloniki

kyriaki koutsianou

Started in Thessaloniki

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